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Artificial Flowers -Bostonian Hydrangea Arrangement Silk Flowers

SKU: NN-1304
Artificial Flowers -Bostonian Hydrangea Arrangement Silk Flowers :: The Hydrangea is one of nature's more interesting flowers. The blooms are small on an individual level, yet together, they combine to create an almost pillow-like texture of color. We've captured that perfectly in this mixed Hydrangea arrangement, with two different blooms resting on lush, green leaves. And best of all, it'll never need care or water. Complete with a decorative vase and faux water. Poly/Silk flowers care: may be spot cleaned or dusted with a damp cloth. Product size:25"H x 14"W x 14"D. Pot size: H:7" x W:4.5" x D:4.5" Product Weight:6.5 Lbs