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$ 223.91 USD

Artificial Tree -5 Foot Schefflera Tree

Artificial Tree -5 Foot Schefflera Tree :: Also known as the octopus tree or umbrella tree, this Brazilian Schefflera is a delight to behold with its easily recognizable pattern of eight leaves. The carefully designed leaves resemble delicate flower petals bursting forth to greet the sun. Over one-thousand vibrant leaves cover an assortment of authentic looking stalks. At five feet tall, this uniquely shaped Schefflera adds life to any space it inhabits. Poly/Silk trees care: may be spot cleaned or dusted with a damp cloth. Product size:5'H x 30"W x 30"D. Leaves: 1116 Fake Trees Pot size: W:6.5" H:5.75" Artificial Trees Product Weight:17.5 Lbs