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$ 179.91 USD

Artificial Tree -6 Foot Bamboo Tree With Planter

Artificial Tree -6 Foot Bamboo Tree With Planter :: If "bigger is better", then that philosophy is certainly exemplified here. Standing at 6 feet tall, this bamboo tree will certainly draw the eye towards its beautiful display of foliage. Complementing the piece is a classic style pot to house the various shoots. Never needing water, and no external care (other than an occasional cleaning with a dust cloth), this piece will inspire a tranquil state of mind, whether it’s in the home or office. Poly/Silk trees care: may be spot cleaned or dusted with a damp cloth. Product size:6'H x 39"W x 37"D. Trunks: 15 Fake Trees Pot size: H:9" x W:8" x D:8" Artificial Trees Product Weight:11.7 Lbs