Agave Schottii Set Of 3, artificial flowers, Artificial Plant, fake flowers, Silk Flowers, W2B, Silk Flowers -Agave Schottii -Set Of 3 Artificial Plant
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Artificial Plant -Agave Schottii -Set Of 3 Silk Plant

Artificial Plant -Agave Schottii -Set Of 3 Silk Plant :: Narrow, thin leaves in various heights add depth and dimension in the Agave Schottii bundle. This set of three is ideal for adding to a succulent arrangement or placing it on its own. Decorate with a stone or clay pot to match southwest inspired decor. Poly/Silk plant care: may be spot cleaned or dusted with a damp cloth. Product size:23"H x 11"W x 9"D. Leaves: 23 Product Weight:1.9 Lbs