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address letter, house letter, house signs, letter b, letters

Wrought Iron House Letter B - 3 Sizes Available



All of our house letters and house numbers are flat two dimensional silhouettes cut from sheets of wrought iron with a flat black rust resistant powder coating. The characters include all screws/hardware to mount them to your interior or exterior surface. C begins names, cities, and streets like, Chicago, Columbia, Caldwell, Calo, Canaff, Carroll, Chen, Checkof, Coan, and Clapman. Each letter is rust resistant with a flat black powder coating and is hand crafted in the USA. Each letter comes with mounting screws. Let your name, street or apartment ID be seen. The wrought iron C will boldly contrast against any light surface so it will be easily be seen from a distance. The charcoal black C can be used on doors, house fronts or mail boxes to make homes and businesses easily recognizable from a distance. Make the world a little cheerier and show your iron C letter with pride

Product Specifications

Item Height: 6 In, 12 In, 18 In

Item Width: 0.08 In, 0.08 In, 0.06 In

Item Length: 5.32 In, 10.5 In, 16 In.

Product Weight: 7 oz, 27 oz, 59 oz

Color: flat black

Packaging: Product is sold Individually (you are purchasing one item)

Material: wrought iron containing alloys of .01% to .29% carbon and iron

Finish: Hand crafted wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use. (heavy duty metal) in a flat powder coating finish :: lead free, long lasting & rust resistant

Country: MADE in the USA :: Supporting United States craftsman.