Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

Plain is boring, make your switch plate and outlet cover look exciting! Wrought iron decorative switch plates and outlet covers have that whimsical and original design that will make your usual dull switch plate charming. Electrical plate and electrical cover are often plain and simple with no touch of art at all but with wrought iron decorative switch plates all these will be history. Why settle and get contented with your common metal switch plates and outlets when you can glamour it with wrought iron outlet covers and switch plates? Decorative electrical covers and decorative electrical plates are certified safe to use and make quite an impression on your guests. You don't want to get electrocuted! If you have wires sticking out from the wall, you need to cover them up to avoid any accidents even if it is with a "blank outlet cover" on low reciprocals to protect your babies from shock. Do we sell metal outlet covers in different configurations than we show in the store like a GFCI on the opposite side? Well that question is a common one. We do not make the covers in non-standard configurations but we let our customers know they can easily change around the configuration in the wall to fit the cover with a screw driver. Inside the wall you can move the wired settings around to fit the correct configuration. We recommend doing a you tube search for "outlet cover installation" and be sure to turn off your power before touching any wiring. It’s a very simple process.