Wall Hooks & Hangers

There's so many uses for decorative wall hooks, metal wall hangers or swivel hooks. The decorative metal wall hooks and decorative wrought iron wall hangers can be mounted on the wall to suspend pictures, art, clothing, keys or other items. Swivel hooks and black iron ceiling hooks are great for latching chandeliers, items under the counter, suspending plants, fastening patio lanterns or anchoring decorative items. If you like the look of cast iron you'll love our wrought iron. There are many different size iron wall hooks from really small size hooks to oversize hooks. One of our customers stated: "I have a large iron horse hook mounted on the side of my cupboard to hang all my bananas and avocados. I chose another small dog wall hook set in the kitchen to hang my herbs when they need drying." We see many uses for our heavy duty wall hooks so they aren't just for hanging your hat up.