At Wrought Iron Haven we have many customers asking about extra wide window treatments and how to go about designing for them. With today's window treatments in the market place, it is quite difficult to find wrought iron curtain rods that are longer than 130 inches. No matter where you look, they just are not being made today. This poses a problem for those beautiful homes with a lot of window area. So why can you not find these extra long curtain rods? Discussing this in length with our manufacture, we have come to realize that after a certain length the wrought iron starts to bend, even with a support.

So what is one to do with a huge window area? We have devised a design at Wrought Iron Haven that will work well with windows that require these extra long wrought iron curtain rods without having them look undesirable. With this design idea you can decorate a window treatment as wide as you need.

For bigger window treatments just use two rods or even three! Our two rod, two finial combo will work fine. Because our wrought iron curtain rods separate into two equal parts, you can mix and match them to create the combination. By using one ball finial curtain rod and one other decorative finial rod, like the leaf, you are able to interchange them so the two ball finials meet in the middle and the two more decorative finials are on the end. This way the break in the rod is hardly noticeable. But remember that you will need a center bracket for the middle of each of the two rods. This however does make it difficult to have only two curtains within the window treatment because the rings will catch on the center support bracket.

See the wrought iron curtain diagram to visually quick reference and understand how this setup is achieved.

Creating wide window treatments with rods

Be sure to use our Ball End Curtain Rods (as shown above) or our Plain End Curtain Rods for the section in the center of your window treatment

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