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bedroom wall decor, large wall decor, metal wall art, outdoor metal wall art, wall art

Wrought Iron Wall Decor Style 197



Wrought Iron Wall Decor Style 197 :: This beautiful circle combines a number of different elements to create a unique and amazing work of art, that uses your own decor to make it really shine. The border of the half circle is a simple little wave design that really makes the color and beauty of your own decor really stand out while bringing the calming power of waves indoors. The center is a design of simple vines that twist and twirl together in a gorgeous design. This wall art is completely made of wrought iron and is done in an elegant powder black finish to ensure that it makes a really stunning contrast against any wall in your home and becomes an eye catching part of your decor. This is completely handcrafted in the USA so you can be completely sure that it uses the best materials and is of the best quality. The design measures 30 inches wide by 15 inches high. Everything is included to make sure that you can easily hang this anywhere in your home and have it create a stunning impression upon yourself and anyone else who might walk by. This elegant wall art is perfectly detailed and you can be sure that it will complement any decor and be a true centerpiece in your home.

Product Specifications

Item Height: 15 In.

Item Width: 0.38 In.

Item Length: 30 In.

Product Weight: 79 oz


Packaging: Product is sold Individually (you are purchasing one item)

Material: wrought iron containing alloys of .01% to .29% carbon and iron

Finish: Hand crafted wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use. (heavy duty metal) in a flat powder coating finish :: lead free, long lasting & rust resistant

Country: MADE in the USA :: Supporting United States craftsman.