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Wrought Iron Rooster Outlet Cover

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Wrought Iron Rooster Outlet Cover :: Bring your home one of the most popular interior decorating themes with this wrought iron rooster outlet cover for the outlets in your room and on the exterior of your home. Antique collectors and country home decor collectors will love this rooster outlet cover to add to their personal interior lay-outs. The versatility of this iron finished wrought iron powder black outlet cover is very wide, not only because of its color, but because of its simple silhouette shape and style, and because a rooster will match with any chosen country, farm or home-style antique theme. The rooster outlet cover is the perfect addition for any room to add that touch of easy feeling and relaxation that country themes can create.By using the wrought iron rooster outlet cover in your kitchen, it will perfectly complement our other rooster items, such as the rooster magnet, rooster napkin holders and napkin rings, rooster paper towel holder, and our rooster cabinet Handle, knobs, and cabinet door silhouettes. If you have a farm animal decor collection, than this rooster outlet cover is an absolute must as an addition.Most people do not think of their outlets as being a source for decorative accent or emphasis, but by using something as basic and simple as our charming rooster wrought iron outlet cover, you can transform a boring old regular outlet into an object of aesthetic appeal and interest. Turning ordinary everyday objects like an outlet into a themed decorative accent for any room in the house is not only fun, but it brings a unique energy to any room, and a charming presence that vouches for your fantastic coordination and decorating ability.Don't forget about the matching black powder outlet receptacles that we recommend along with each of our outlet covers, for that overall impressively unified look.

Product Specifications

Item Height: 8 In.

Item Width: 0.17 In.

Item Length: 2.75 In.

Product Weight: 4 oz

Color: flat black

Packaging: Product is sold Individually (you are purchasing one item)

Material: wrought iron containing alloys of .01% to .29% carbon and iron

Finish: Hand crafted wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use. (heavy duty metal) in a flat powder coating finish :: lead free, long lasting & rust resistant

Country: MADE in the USA :: Supporting United States craftsman.

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