Wrought Iron Moose Double Switch Cover

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Wrought Iron Moose Double Switch Cover :: The male moose is called a bull. When he is ready to search for a mate, he bellows loudly and waits for his song to be heard. It must be musical magic to the female moose, because she will come running. Now you can decorate your home with the image of this surprising animal with the Wrought Iron Moose Switch Cover (Double). The moose fixture features the silhouette of a male moose with wide antlers. The woodland animal switch cover will fit over any double light switch. The delicate detailing on the flat black powder wrought iron plate will look striking against any light colored wall. The moose design will add to your living room, family room, bedroom, or cabin. Look at matching moose outlet covers and light switch plates to create a theme. Look for other moose decor throughout the site. Simple details can change a room. Order the Wrought Iron Moose Switch Cover (Double) today and add a little woodland magic to your home.

Product Specifications

Item Height: 8 In.

Item Width: 0.17 In.

Item Length: 4.63 In.

Product Weight: 4 oz

Color: flat black

Packaging: Product is sold Individually (you are purchasing one item)

Material: wrought iron containing alloys of .01% to .29% carbon and iron

Finish: Hand crafted wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use. (heavy duty metal) in a flat powder coating finish :: lead free, long lasting & rust resistant

Country: MADE in the USA :: Supporting United States craftsman.

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